Feature Focus

The Painted tale in motion

Ptale image 1 web2018.jpg

‘I surrender to my philosophy on love
whose graceful soul will never bring me peace’

Ptale image 2 FI layers 2018.jpg

like a butterfly it spreads its wings over my heart,
settling for a moment, only to leave its mark.

Ptale image 3 FI web2018.jpg

Its beauty captures my breath,
bringing silence to all in sight.

Ptale image 5 FI.web2018.jpg

Alas, loves sweet kiss finally falls to rest,
buried amongst the bed sheets
of yesterday’s warm embrace.

Ptale image 4 FI web2018.jpg

but it never lasts,
vanishing beneath the fading light.
When morning comes he is gone and all is lost.

Ptale image 6 FI web2018.jpg

My butterfly gone. Leaving me with nothing
but a painted tale of love.’